How to Make Your Own Homemade Fruit Smoothie with Your Blender

homemade smoothie

If we talk about smoothies then probably these three words will be crossed in our mind: it is refreshing, healthy and delicious. Smoothies have been a trend as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Today we can find a lot of stores which are selling smoothies. For some people, it may not be a cheap thing that they can afford for daily intake. But actually, they are not expensive if you can make your homemade smoothie.

Making your smoothies should be easy. All you need is a decent smoothie maker and fresh fruit and vegetables. Regarding the blender, it easy to choose Vitamix as a good blender for making smoothie. Vitamix has been nominated as the best smoothie blender in 2018 which guarantee gives you an extraordinary power to help you blend your smoothie.

The good things also, you can also find smoothie recipes on the Internet, but those who regularly make their smoothies themselves will eventually feel like experimenting and developing their smoothie recipes.

So let’s discuss what are the things that you should care about when making smoothies?

What characterizes a smoothie?

The name smoothie derives from the English word smooth, which means as much as soft and creamy. That is why the characteristic of a smoothie should be creamy and relatively thick liquid consistency.

The creaminess is the result of using all the fruits or the whole vegetables blended into a smoothie maker. This also makes the difference to a juice in which the ingredients are processed with a juicer, using only the resulting liquid and disposed of the rest.

The basic liquid

The first thing you need is a start by adding liquids. This ensures that the mixer can work properly. On the other hand, by adding liquids, you can also change the consistency of the smoothies.

If you are not using fruits with a very high water content such as watermelons or cucumbers, the smoothie will merely become too thick without adding any liquid.

The most used liquid for making smoothies is of course water. However, creativity can begin here. Those who have juices in the house, for example, apple juice, can use it wonderfully for the smoothie.

An absolute insider tip, however, is the use of coconut water. As it tastes relatively neutral, it can be combined perfectly with all kinds of ingredients. It also contains many healthy ingredients.

For more variety in the smoothie production, milk or milk-like drinks provide. This gives the smoothie a milk-shake character and a very individual touch.

It is also worthwhile for milk drinkers to experiment with vegetarian drinks such as the well-known soy milk. The taste can be difficult to describe here. Therefore, you should try it out to broaden your own taste line and to know what tastes like.

For me, an excellent water substitute is also almond milk. This one gets in every good organic store. The delicate almond flavor is an excellent companion to berries such as raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

The fruits

Of course there are several aspects to think when selecting the fruits. First of all, quality is essential. Those who invest time and money in their health by preparing themselves smoothies should not make any difference in the quality of the ingredients. Therefore, whenever possible always use organic or non-pesticide fruits and vegetables.

By using a high-quality ingredient for your smoothie, it has some of the advantages:

  1. You can process the shell with, in or under which many vitamins are stored.
  2. There are significantly fewer environmental toxins that can lead to disease.
  3. The fruits contain more minerals since the soils on which conventional agriculture is operated are often very mineral stiff-arm nowadays.
  4. The fruit has a cleaner taste.

Protips: Those who create their own smoothie recipes should be aware of the possible ingredients that available on your market depends on where you live.

For the freshest possible ingredients, you can buy regional and seasonal. Blueberries, for example, are primarily taken when they have a season in your location, and not when they are in business. A walk through the weekly market is the perfect source of inspiration for the ingredients of the next recipe.

Another criterion is consistency. If you look at the ingredients list of industrially produced smoothies, you will find that there are usually bananas and apples at the top.

This is true even for the red berry smoothie or the exotic mango passion fruit smoothie. In the case of finished products, it is also because apples and bananas are favorable in purchasing. But they also give the drink the typical consistency. Who has little experience with smoothies


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