Home Sweet Home : How To Make a Home Cozy

It’s Important to be comfortable in your own home. Home is a reflection of the behaviour of its member. Make sure that a place to stay is always clean and comfortable is very important for healthy family life. No matter small or significant your home, cleanliness is the key to creating a spacious home.
Not only as a protector of outside influences such as wind, rain, dirt and dangerous particles, but home is also the central social facility in a household. So, there are some essential things that we need to consider the next remodelling project of your home. Here are some ways to make your home healthy and comfortable.

1. Tighten up — but ventilate

Air pollution can occur indoor or outdoor. A home that looks clean does not mean free from various sources of pollution. Sources of air pollution or pollutants can come from dust, fungi, cigarette smoke, or pet hairs. The contaminants can make some health problems, especially worsening the condition of people living with asthma and trigger an allergic reaction. Not infrequently, contaminants can facilitate the spread of disease such as respiratory infections. So, the complaints arise coughing, sneezing, until the breathing problems like a nose incompressible and congested.
Because of that, it is essential for us to have a good quality of the air inside a home and the difference between comfortable and unhealthy can be made from the quality of the air inside a home. The building’s envelope must be sealed properly; it can not make air from the craw-place infiltrate your home. According to Neil Kelly, a way to help is through the installation of heat recovery ventilation systems. The process of these systems is simple. It takes air from outside, filter it and then put it back into your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning ) system, next push the new fresh air throughout the house. What is HVAC? HVAC is an air system to maintain the air condition around to protect the equipment, and personal comfort by regulating ventilation and air conditioning.

2. Weatherproof against mould

Designing and furnishing home with a beautiful design and functional furniture is our decision, but make sure to use the best quality of building materials. Troy Zdzieblowski is a Home Improvement at Neil Kelly. He said, “If you want your home to last for a long time, you have to ensure your siding, roofing and windows are weatherproofed and done well”. We must keep the house moist, One of the plans is built the home tight and weatherproofed. It makes mould can’t start growing.

If we do not hold our house wet, it will cause many problems like health problems. Before you begin to have a remodel in your home, get your exterior to ensure it’s working correctly. For Example, When we start to do a basement remodel In the Pacific Northwest, we can find literally water running into their basement.

3. Replace leaky windows

Not only humans who have age, but also the building has aged, the building needs to have maintenance and repair. The support is required to resolve the inevitable and deterioration of building fabric that occurs because of climatic conditions (weather changes) or because of natural disasters. Exceptionally, the construction of the home that uses wood. The wood material will be easily damaged due to weather changes and also termites. Many parts of the house that rely on wood such as windows, door, etc.

In this case, Zdzieblowski said, “What I always say is if you’re going to do windows and you can’t do all of them, start with the ones that you’re near the most because you will feel the biggest difference in those spots”. From the 1920s, there are many homes Neil Kelly remodels, and we can find many beautiful single-paned windows. But, the problem is the wood of these windows has often rotted out. Neil Kelly can help you to repair the window. The process of repairs to replacement with wood, and then vinyl or fibreglass frames. It has advantages such as resistance, efficiency, soundproofing and price points.

4. Replace lighting

Lighting is one of the essential element in building design. This element is necessary to do correctly, with the aim that the spaces in the building get sufficient natural lighting to give the member comfort in performing its activities. A room that has good light will have enough air humidity, so it makes environmental health is maintained. Michael Rieger is a Master carpenter of Neil Kelly. He said, “It’s all about the type of light and the correct temperature balance to a light fixture.

5. Small things you can do

Healthy living start at home. Maintain and clean your house as often as possible. Start to clean your bath vents, dryer vents, and the grease traps of the stove vents. Zdzieblowski said “Just doing maintenance on things that are moving air is a huge thing. They’re pretty simple to do. You have to make sure it’s on your list”. Remember, cleanliness is the central role at your home, make it be a healthy place.


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