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Crochet Tips and Tricks

Crochet Tips and Tricks

Hi, guys, it’s Barbara Buch, and this is your place for lifestyle inspiration and craft tutorials. So today what I’m going to be doing with you is going through some crochet tips and tricks for your tension because a lot of people do struggle with this, especially when they’re first starting out with crochet. So I hope you find this useful and let’s get started.

Tip number one all about finds the best yarn for Crochet Tips.

Now when you buy yarn, it either comes in a ball like this, or it might go and slightly different to this. You can choose to either unravel it from the outside, or you can want to explain it from the inside. So usually if you feel and down each side, you’ll find the exact middle of the of the ball, and you can pull it out from the inside.

Now, some people like this because they feel that it comes out more comfortable and that you know the ball doesn’t move around as you’re working with it. I take it from the outside but what I quite like to do is turn my balls of yarn into young cakes. Now I do have a separate tutorial for this. So I shall leave a link here, and you’ll be able to go and see that, and I’ll also leave it in the description box below, but the fundamental principle of these is that the yarn unravels a lot easier, so it’s not bouncing around as you’re using it.


Tip number two is to make sure that you’ve taken up enough of the yarn for crochet as you’re working.

So if you’re working and the yarn is pulling the ball to get some more off as you’re working that’s going to make your work a lot tighter. So periodically stop unravel some more yarn and then carry on with your work. You don’t want it to be pulling on this ball at all.


Tip number three as my favorite crocheting tips is all about how you hold your yarn.

Now, this is going to be different for everybody the way that I keep my thread might be different to the idea that you own your guard. It also might depend on how you hold your hook as well. Now you have two ways of keeping your book or two and primary ways of organizing your catch, and that would be the knife hold so as if you’re holding a knife like this and then you also have the pencil hold like this.

So depending on how you might depend on how you keep your yarn. Now typically what you want to do is create that tension with your fingers. So that you are and you know not having your thread too loose and it’s flowing to free it through your fingers like this but also not wrapping it too much around your fingers.

So you’re tugging on the yarn. Now the way that I like to do this is to wrap around my finger and then also put it over the top of my finger here. This way I create and your little tension hold here. So as you’re working this is the bit that you’re pulling on here and doing your stitches.

yarn for crochet

So some people like to weave it in and out of their fingers like this. Like I say I want to wrap my round my little finger and then hold up like this.

Now you can do this whichever way you prefer as you start to crochet that little bit more you will find your way of doing things. You might also see that you’re ultra it’s slightly depending on what thickness of yarn you work. I know that when I work with t-shirt yarn. I don’t wrap it around my little finger.

I pop it over the top of my little finger instead. So don’t try and copy what other people. Do find a way that works for you, by all means, give other peoples variations that go but whatever feels most comfortable for you is your right way.


Tip number four to avoid crochet fails is working with foundation chains.

Now, quite often people struggle with this because they end up doing their foundation chain way too tight or way too loose. So the best thing that you need to do is go up a size or two with your hook when you’ll work in the foundation chain and then go back to the original size to work on the work.

That makes that foundation chain a little bit bigger also make sure that as you’ll put in the stitches into the foundation chain that you aren’t talking too tightly on the strings themselves because that will cause them to shrink in size and make it harder to get your needle in there.